Corey Lewin

  • Professional Experience:
    B.S., Physical Education ? Florida State University
  • M.S., Physical Education ? Barry University
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Physical Education Teacher

Athletic Experience:
Soccer, Tennis, Football, Racquetball

A Little About Corey:

It takes desire, determination, consistent effort and time to see results. What is it that you desire? How strong is that desire? What are you willing to do to get it? What is really stopping you?

Designing exercise programs can be challenging when faced with limiting factors. I learn something from each and every client I work with. First I demonstrate the exercises in a particular sequence, discussing the rationale behind each. Then I allow you to practice mastery independently or with my supervision. I follow up with a review and modifications. Sometimes a completely new program is warranted if you bore easily, plateau or set new goals.

Motivating is a far more difficult task, because it involves the mind more than the body. Attitude is everything. If you hate exercise, I can make it more fun. However, it is still hard work and only hard work will produce results. Depending on your genetic factors, this progress may be faster or slower. There are drugs and surgeries available, but they are expensive and carry risks. You can NOT change the fact that your body requires movement to sustain health; you can however change the methods of movement as well as your attitude towards movement.

Consistency is crucial, for no plan in the world will succeed if you are not consistently following it. Most people need some support. I can only hold you accountable when you are physically present with me. I can ?check in? on you from time to time, but I can?t MAKE you exercise when you?re determined not to. When I train you, you must give it 100% effort every time!

My Mottos:

  • No more excuses
  • See the results, feel the difference
  • Your body achieves only what your mind believes
Healthy With Flavor